01Among Others


Zero zero one
one hundred backwards

It is the 3-bit gray code seed for the fractal melody generator MusiNum

For the unitiated:
MusiNum was a free sonification program which turned numbers into generative fractal music. It pushed out notes based on fractal concepts, self-similarity and “a new kind of symmetry”.

Easily one of the friendliest tools to help climb out
when waist deep in a creative rut
and throw a little randomness against the wall

I spent countless hours feeding numbers

  • half tone shifts
  • octaves changes into equally countless layers of “fractal” midi generators
  • letting them run for hours
    • waiting to catch something
  • exporting huge buckets of midi data
    • mine for a starting point

001 never made it past the starting point.

All the layers clicked into place
I couldn’t hear the pattern any other way.
This is why it begins Among others.