04Among Others

Eat Knife

We loved this place…
Named unironically for 2 reasons:

  1. It was the only coffee shop that was directly across from central UT campus that was open 24 hours.
  2. They specialized in a drink called a depth charge. Which consisted of a pint glass filled halfway with black coffee and had a double shot of espresso dropped in.

Couple of those and you were an unstoppable, (sweaty) think machine
and zero chance of sleep for a few hundred hours.

The second floor

  • scattered stainless steel furniture
  • Barely seen through dense cigarette smog You needed the spot lights
    • overhead
      as guides to what appeared as an open table from a distance only to find it occupied
  • the four 6x6 foot windows the only exhause for the space back when you wanted to and could smoke indoors.
    Year round
    (not that it gets terribly cold in texas)

was the perfect coffee shop.
One afternoon upon walking up to the counter
Expecting to be greeted with a eye roll and a complacent ‘ugh customers’ sigh
We were met with a drawing scrawled
Taped to the tip jar by the afternoon barista
A giant screaming mouth
All teeth and jagged lines