09Burnplate no.1

Red Blocks

my friends and i developed a method for composition
dubbed “the bricklayer method” or the lego method
i think both of those were actually coined by my friend H
either way i’m sure its been properly named by some music scholar somewhere

it went something like
say you have 8 distinct patterns

  • one pattern of your core drum line
  • a bassline
  • a synth line
  • a couple of one shots sounds
    • a voice sample
    • a sound loop
    • a one shot synth sound, etc color code to your liking.

you begin by placing down one loop at a time
and then gradually swapping out the bricks (loops)
until you have run out of pieces

in practice
i tend to use the red blocks as signifiers of fills or impending change

“red blocks” only vaguely follows this method