Access Mike (Failure to Connect)

There was this dude.
His name was mike.
I met him in yahoo electronica chat
Ages ago
Back when that was a thing people did
Before facebook
Long before the network was ‘social’

Mike made some pretty awesome tunes
Some of them he finished.
He had a flair for the dramatic
The grumpy
The depression
The music snobbery.
So he and I got along quite well
only he lived on another continent

He and I would swap things we were working on all the time.

  • At 3am and he would be online.
  • I would dial in at 9am
  • He would be there.
  • He lived online. – We talked all the time.

I think it was the only thing he had that didn’t suck in his life
It was certainly that way for me

One day he stopped showing up in chat
Days turned to weeks
Weeks to months
Then I stopped showing up to.