Cold Water (Flat)

for a few months i was heavily into swing and big band
of course around the same time
i had a thing for dressing like a clown
complete with oversized brightly colored clothes

i mixed my loud plaids and my stripes
the only thing missing was the red hair
big shoes and makeup
you can blame mr.bungle for this.

I had a girlfriend at the time
That was way into harry connick jr.
And while i hated it for it mundaneness
The first few lines of
red light blue light stuck with me

“I live in a tiny closet
A lukewarm cold water flat
With room for a couple of cinders
A mouse, a hole, and a trap
I don’t worry about the flights
Or count the stairs…”

if you find the right person
it doesnt matter how destitute you are
where you live
it only matters how you live.