Some mistakes
typos for instance
become more than a passing fuck up
‘the happiest accidents’

for instance
you while hunting for recipies one day meaning to type: “portabello”
instead your fingers
( drunk with caffiene at 3am )
type: “protobella”

The little switch in your brain has been flipped
The contacts slide into place
Circuits flare in your cerebral cortex
A new connection has been made that could not have existed before.

proto meaning
First in time.
First formed.
Having the least amount of a specified element or radical
bella meaning
a beautiful thing most often female like a boat,
( or in this case a mushroom )

That will do nicely.

You keep a inspirational scrap book with

  • strange turns of phrase
  • typos
  • quotes from books
  • bits of overheard conversation
  • anything you can use and go back to when your well of creativity runs dry

call it a creative morgue.