Running With Scissors

There are things that you are told to NEVER do as a child

  • dont eat glue
  • don’t be rude
  • dont hit people
  • don’t scoot your bare ass across the floor like the dog

and finally don’t run with scissors

They like to call it “common sense”
but they are

as an adult
the running with scissors thing
you probably still shouldn’t do
but I encourage you to test your adulthood
take those scissors
defy common sense
spit in the eye of reason
run down the hall
or a flight of stairs
make shrieking noises as you realize
there is no one to stop you
no one to reprimand you
no ensueing punishment
for your disregard
and recklessness

I dare you.
It’s liberating

in the event that you fall

  • slice open an artery and bleed to death
  • have an untimely visit to the emergency room
  • gouge out an eye
  • wind up in jail for accidental manslaugher

Don’t say no one ever warned you
and certainly
dont’ say I made you do it.