Take Your Pants off

The most popular topic of song
aside from failing relationship drama
is fucking

In order to keep it radio friendly though
Most pop music
sidesteps it with metaphor
tries to bury it under terribly executed innuendo
it’s there.
We all know it.
We have eyes and ears

Several songs come to mind
fitting this mold
None of which I’ll quote
I’m sure you all have a few locked away in your heads

I set out to make something that didnt try hide
that redefined what I thought future funk / twisted RnB
should sound like
that walked right up to you and said
“take your pants off”
without saying a word
you would have to comply

If it worked
it would be a ‘classic’
radio stations would play it non stop
teenagers and adults alike would hum on subway trains
in thier cars
at thier desks
the new russian federation of states would play it on procreation day
babies would be made
condom sales would skyrocket (hopefully)

What I wound up with bears the concept as its only offspring
It’s smoky backroom sexy
The club is closed
The floor is gritty
A different kind of hollow
than the emptiness that is pop music.